SimpleK: Master Keying & Institutional Locksmithing

Master Keying & Institutional Locksmithing

In most cases, Master Keying for institutional facilities is complex, and has to be designed and managed with great care. Instead of using various incompatible software, databases or handwritten sheets, SimpleK offers a unique, all-in-one solution. It gives locksmith all the tools they need to create and manage master key systems as well as to accomplish many of their daily tasks.

Master Key Systems

With SimpleK you can create , manage and expand your master keys systems with the Master Key System Generator (MKSG). You can define multiple system types, up to 12 levels, compatible with many manufacturers such as Schlage, Best, Medeco, ASSA, Abloy, Sargent, Corbin, Yale and many others. It is also compatible with standard naming conventions.

Core Pinning

Core Pinning

According the system type, core type, system structure and other parameters, SimpleK will provide you with the core pinning calculation. It will calculate for cross-keying, no master cores and will display the ghost keys (unwanted cross keying). You can also print the pinning chart for multiple doors or keys. 

Rekeying (Core Changes)

Rekeying (Core Changes)

Many tools are available within SimpleK to facilitate core changes.

A first tool is the Core Change Wizard, which will automatically display the next available change keys (or combinations) for a selected door. It will display the historical information of these available keys as well, so you know if they have been previously used before, when and where. This Wizard screen also offers help to rekey multiple doors (for instance, if you move a department or multiple room occupants).

A second tool is the new Access Matrix on which you can easily displays and edit associated keys and doors by simply clicking to add or remove check marks (indicating links between keys and doors).

All the historical data about core changes and rekeying is saved and easy to consult, thus you can quickly find all the doors where a particular key has been used, all the keys used on a particular door with dates of rekeying, who did it, etc. 

Preparing & Cutting New Key Duplicates

Preparing & Cutting New Key Duplicates

When preparing to issue multiple keys, you may need many information details such as, the keys to a particular door number, does the employee already has keys to that room, how many available copies, etc. The General Issuance Wizard screen allows you to get all these info from one screen, without having to navigate within the software and lose the transaction you were working on. It can also be used in combination to an ITL key cutting machine and SimpleK will automatically transfer the system and bitting information to the machine, facilitating and avoiding errors. 

Managing Key Blanks

Whether you use manufacturer pre-serialized key blanks or your own numbering system, SimpleK offers tools to manage key blanks with quantities, by type of blanks, keyway, etc. You can also configure your automatic numbering system, for all systems or individually by system. Thus, each time you need a new duplicate, SimpleK will automatically suggest you the next available key blank or sequence number.

These are only a few of the many tools and options offered by SimpleK to help the locksmith in his work.

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