Compatible Devices

To extend the benefits and make your work easier, SimpleK is compatible with many easy-to-use devices.

Signature Capture

SimpleK is compatible with Topaz Systems electronic signature capture products (1x5 pads and SigGemColor 5.7), allowing electronics handwritten signatures to be bound directly to digital documents. Signatures can be directly linked with records, encrypted and integrated in pdf documents. Also, it can be done at many different stages of the management processes such as Key, Key Ring or Item Issuances and Returns, Requests or Work Orders approvals, etc.

The SigGemColor 5.7, an advanced biometric electronic signature pad, is supported by SimpleK and can be used to display interactive text to the end users. For instance, display the key policy, agreement and list items to the user before he signs.

Web Camera

SimpleK allows you to quickly capture pictures from your connected web camera. The taken picture will be automatically saved on your server and linked to the selected record. For instance, if you issue a Key Ring to a contractor’s employee at the service desk, you can ask that employee to sign the agreement form and take a picture to be saved with the Key Ring’s record. That will become a precious piece of evidence if the key ring is not given back on due date and time.

ITL Key Cutting Machines

SimpleK is compatible with Intralock Tools (ITL) key cutting machines. Manage your master key systems (and key combinations) with SimpleK and automatically send the manufacturer and combination information to the ITL machine as you cut new keys. A good way to get your key cutting process up to speed and avoid transcription errors!


Streamline your issuance and return processes using RFID tags and readers. Use the tags (labels, inlays, etc) to identify Key Rings and Items (to configure, you can easily scan them and select the associated SimpleK records). Use RFID cards to identify your people (is compatible with many access control systems’ card types). At the issuance process stage, scan the Key Ring (or Item), the record will pop-up, then scan the person’s card to link it. At the return process stage, just scan the Key Ring (or Item) and it will be automatically checked-in. This is the ideal solution for applications with many daily transactions!

SimpleK is compatible with RF IDeas 82 Series card readers that support a broad range of RFID transponders, tags, and smart labels (pcProx 125 kHz: AWID, Cardax, Casi-Rusco®, Deister, EM410X/Rosslare, G-Prox™ II, HID®, Hitag (1,S), Hitag 2, Honeywell Nexwatch, IDTECK/RF Logics, Indala® 26 bit, Indala® Custom, Kantech ioProx™, Keri Systems, ReadyKey Pro, SecuraKey RadioKey®, etc. ; AIR ID 13.56 MHz: 14443A/15693 CSN, Felica, iCLASS® CSN, MIFARE® CSN, MIFARE® DesFire CSN, Sielox, XceedID®, etc. Note: This is a partial list, some are in “Validation with referenced manufacturer data pending” or “Currently in implementation”, please refer to RF Ideas’ technical documentation for more details).

Bar Code

SimpleK is compatible with bar code technology. Identify your Key Rings, Items and People (ID Cards) with bar code labels and use one of the compatible scanners to improve your issuance and return processes (as described with the RFID technology above).

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