Add-On Modules

Benefit from a fully integrated, powerful and yet affordable solution! For more advanced features related to Key Control or Facility Management, we offer four add-on modules that can be added to the Professional Edition.

Web Interface

Grant users access to some specific tasks related to SimpleK, over your Intranet (locally hosted), by using only a web browser. This is the ideal solution for applications involving a large number of users.

Here are some of the Web Interface’s functions and features available to authorized users:

  • Create New Key Requests
  • Create New Work Orders
  • Review Current Requests & Orders
  • Consult Employee Records (Personal Key Inventories)
  • Distributed Key Control (manage key transactions such as Issuances and Returns; permissions can be set by keys, buildings, departments, etc.)
  • Item Tracking (manage transactions such as issuance and returns), and more!

Item Tracking

Manage issuance of items like uniforms, phones, laptop computers, walky-talkies, vehicles, etc. Define your items (assets) by services, categories and models. Each service can be managed separately (assigning security permission levels). Be notified of overdue items. Moreover, all items issued to one person can be seen in a single report with keys and key rings. This module is compatible with the Web Interface, Digital Identification and Space & Rooms modules.

Digital Identification

Use RFID and Bar Codes technologies to identify your Key Rings, Items and ID Cards. When you issue a Key Ring or an Item, you simply scan the RFID tag or Bar Code and the holder’s ID card with the reader. Automatically, the Key Ring’s or Item’s record will pop and the holder’s record will be linked. You can then get the holder’s signature to complete the issuance process. This module works with different types of RFID technologies, HID prox cards, Bar Codes and can also be adapted to magnetic or smart cards.

Space & Rooms

Manage your rooms and space information (perimeter, volume, capacity, etc). Set room doors, occupants and equipment (assets). Instantly know who have access, if there are empty spaces, plan your space needs, run reports, etc. You can also quickly evaluate different measures about the rooms such as cleaning surface and the volume of ventilated air. Lower your occupancy cost with efficient space usage per square foot and increase your organization's profitability.

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