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Leading Edge Key & Facility Management Software

Hundreds of institutions already rely on it.

Take control of your keys, systems, buildings and assets with this state-of-the-art solution.

SimpleK offers a large portfolio of modules, tools, functions & features to overcome challenging tasks of key and facility management.

SimpleK is a scalable and flexible solution that can be used from basic stand alone to thousands of users, from Windows to Web based environment, from tiny to huge scale facilities.

SimpleK provides solutions for:

  • Master Keying & Institutional Locksmithing
  • Key Control
  • Facility Management
  • Item Tracking (Asset Tracking)

Who needs SimpleK?

  • Governments, State & City Agencies 
  • Schools, School Districts, Universities & Colleges 
  • Utility Companies (Electricity, Water, Gas, Telecom, etc.) 
  • Health Centers & Hospitals
  • Hotels, Casinos & Resorts
  • Industrial Companies, Factories & Corporations
  • Airports, Museums, Real Estate Company, etc.

SimpleK Features and Benefits

  • Be Well Organized: (complete information, up-to-date, backups, audit trails, share information, secured access, agreement forms, etc.)
  • Save Time: (quick access, complex queries, detailed reports, reminders, automatic emailing functions, search tools, many Wizard screens, etc.)
  • Save Money: (extend the useful life of your master key systems, minimize lost or non-returned keys, efficiently manage deposits and refunds, time is money, etc.)
  • Be Efficient: (enhance operational efficiency, optimize key control processes and workflow, use paperless processes, etc.)
  • Be Secure: (full knowledge of your mechanical (keys) access control, “who have access”, “where they have access”, quick access to relevant information in emergency situations, “which keys open which doors”, use integrated floor plans with door icons and detailed information, etc.)
  • Benefit from Professional Services and Technical Support: (free online training, free technical support, free online video tutorials, many additional professional services, etc.)



Master Keying & Locksmithing

  • Create, Manage and Expand Master Key Systems (multiple levels, multiple manufacturers compatible, many design options, flexible, etc.)
  • Use the Generator to reproduce existing systems (that you may have on paper only)
  • Manage Key Duplicates & Key Blanks (pre-serialize numbering, auto generated sequence no., configurable)
  • Core Pinning Calculator (for many system types)
  • Core Change Wizard (easily manage rekeying, full history, select next available keys, rekey multiple doors, etc.)
  • View Ghost Keys (while configuring cylinders, verifying core pinning with cross keying)
  • Connection with ITL Key Cutting Machines

Database and Database Management

  • Uses Strong and Reliable Database (MS SQL)
  • Can manage all your master key systems and buildings in one single database 
  • Easily Import Data (Keys Lists, People Lists, Door Survey, Duplicate Distribution Lists, Create your own MS Excel (CSV) Import Template, etc.)
  • Easily Export Data (Export Datagrids and Reports to MS Excel, Print as PDF, etc.)
  • Unlimited Number of Records
  • Use SyncSimpleK (to synchronize with your human resources, access control database or other)
  • Open database (non proprietary) that can be integrated easily with other systems

Key Control

  • Easily manage Keys, Key Duplicates, Key Rings and Key Holders
  • Track check-in and check-out to ensure accountability
  • Assign due-date and due-time when checking assets out
  • Automatic Reminder for overdue Keys and Rings
  • Manage Key Requests and Approvals (with approval processes and automatic emailing)Manage Cylinders
  • Manage Deposits, Refunds and Fees with detailed reports
  • Generate, Print and Email Receipts and Agreement Forms
  • Identify Holder with, ID, Picture and Signature
  • Automatically save and archive signed agreements in PDF format on your server

Building, Doors & Facility

  • Manage Buildings, Floors, Doors and Rooms with highly detailed records
  • Floor Plans (with icons showing the location of every door, linking to complete door record, associated keys and list of key holders, etc.)
  • Work Orders and Maintenance History
  • Door Hardware Schedule (with pictures, manufacturers’ spreadsheets, documents, etc.)
  • Easily locate any specific Door with direct link to the floor plan
  • Assign Managers to Buildings
  • Assign Doors to Departments
  • Manage your Rooms and Space information (dimension, paint, flooring, capacity, etc)
  • Manage Room occupants and Equipment (items, assets)

Web Interface Module

  • Create Online Key Requests and Work Orders (authorized users)
  • Review current Requests and Orders (authorized users)
  • Consult Personal Inventory (authorized human resources users, or department)
  • Manage issuances and returns of keys (distributed key control by building, manager or department)
  • Publish your Key Control Policy
  • Web Users credentials can be Windows Integrated (compatible with Active Directory)

Reports & Agreement Forms

  • Many Pre-Defined, Configurable Reports
  • Many Fully-Customizable Agreement Forms
  • Print, Print as PDF, Export and Email
  • Advanced Filter / Grid Reports
  • History and Audit Trails
  • Search Tools on all Datagrids
  • Open SQL Database to link with Third Party Report Applications

Multi-User & Security

  • Highly detailed and flexible configuration of Users, Groups and their permissions (by Roles, Levels, Master Key Systems, Tables, Fields, Functions, Tools, etc.)
  • Security by Roles will restrict access to some specific user interfaces or Wizards (such as Key Delivery, Key Rings, Daily Reports, etc.)
  • Security Levels (identify security levels on Keys and authorize users by level)

Other Relevant Points

  • User-Friendly and Comprehensive User Interface (Tree View, Wizards, Drag and Drop, etc.)
  • Use of devices like signature capture, web camera, barcode and RFID readers for efficient and paperless processes
  • Link pictures, signatures and documents to any records such as individuals, keys, doors, buildings, door hardware, etc.
  • Scalable with Add-On Modules (Web Interface, Item Tracking, Digital ID and Space & Rooms)

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